Foot Sprains: Involve the ligaments are more common than one would think. Ligaments, which can be thought of as leather straps going from bone to bone, provide strong support to the involved joints. Ligaments are made up of strong collagen fibers. Any one of these ligaments when injured can reduce the stability of the involved joint and can pull off a piece of bone at its attachment causing a fracture or break in the bone. Sprains can occur at the back of the foot (Rear foot), the middle of the foot (Mid foot) or the front of the foot (Forefoot). The Rear foot sprains occur around the Calcaneus, Talus, Cuboid, and Navicular bones. The Mid foot sprains occur around the Medial, Middle, Lateral Cuneiforms, Cuboid, and all Five Metatarsal Bases. The Forefoot sprains occur around the toes where they meet the Metatarsals. When these injuries occur sometimes the joints (the spaces between 2 or more bones) remain in good alignment and just need approximately 4-6 weeks to heal with immobilization followed by 8-12 weeks of rehabilitation. If the alignment is displaced then surgery may be indicated utilizing various forms of fixation (Pins, Wires, Screws, External Fixators). The recovery time is expected to be somewhat longer. An additional surgery may be needed to remove the fixation before rehabilitation can begin. The rehabilitation period can be up to 6 months.