Foot Fractures: Involve the bones of the back of the foot (Rear foot), the middle of the foot (Mid foot) or the front of the foot (Forefoot). The Rear foot fractures involve the Calcaneus, Talus, Cuboid, and Navicular bones. The Mid foot fractures involve the Medial, Middle, Lateral Cuneiforms, Cuboid, and all Five Metatarsals. The Forefoot fractures involve all Five Toes and Metatarsals. If the fractures are in satisfactory anatomical position then conservative fracture care may be all that is required. This may involve immobilization with a cast, fracture boot, special brace or wrap. If the fractures are displaced than surgery may be indicated to realign the fracture. This is accomplished by various forms of fixation (Pins, Wires, Screws, External Fixators).