Potential effects of diabetes on the neurological system can cause the insulation about the nerves to be destroyed by the increase in sugar levels. This can decrease the ability to feel pain, temperatures, proprioception, sharp and dull as well as light touch type sensations.  Also, the vascular system can be compromised, with the blood vessels becoming narrowed causing a decrease in circulation.  The above problems can lead to cuts and injuries that go undetected and cause a delay or inability to heal properly. In general - injuries, sprains, strains, fractures, cuts and wounds can take up to 3 times longer to heal or sometimes not heal at all.  Therefore it is very important  to check ones feet several times a day for any potential compromise. Also, regular visits with ones podiatrist to check for any skin, nail, circulatory or neurological changes. Additional diagnostic testing such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, circulation tests and neurological tests may be necessary to assist in ones diabetic foot care. Diabetic shoes are often recommended to help better protect ones feet for those patients at risk for complications. Diabetic shoes are now available in very fashionable brand names and styles: New Balance, Brooks, SAS, Propet, Orthofeet, Aetrex, PW Minor, Oasis