Ankle Replacement: An ankle replacement is a procedure that replaces an arthritic painful ankle joint with an artificial joint. There are several orthopedic companies that make artificial ankle joints.  Each company has gone through 3-4 generations at this juncture.  Thus far, the current devices available have provided excellent results.  Arthritic ankle joints are usually caused by previous trauma but other etiologies can come from congenital collagen vascular arthropathies.

The increase in total ankle procedures over the past five years is the result of growing clinical success in the new generation of implant designs. Building on lessons learned from previous ankle designs, the newer designs aim to more closely replicate human anatomy and gait and utilize predictable, reliable instrumentation and improved surgical techniques. These improvements have resulted in greater implant longevity in an expanding patient population.  Several recent studies have provided evidence that
preoperative deformity, high BMI, and recreational activity level do not negatively affect clinical outcomes if a stable, neutrally aligned ankle is achieved. (Wright Medical)



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