Ankle Fractures: True ankle fractures involve the three major bones of the ankle. The fibula (outside ankle bone), the tibia (the inside and central bone) and the talus (the bottom bone). Depending on how the ankle is injured either from a twisting injury, impaction injury or from a fall, helps determine the extent of the injury. Some ankle fractures are in good anatomical position and are stable. These usually require a 6-8 week period of immobilization followed by rehabilitation. Unfortunately, some fractures are unstable and displaced (out of position) thus requiring surgery with plates, screws, wires and fixators to realign the broken bones. The extent of these injuries are much more complex requiring a longer period of rehabilitation.

Please understand that any of the above mentioned injuries can leave the patient with some sort of partial permanent impairment. Once a body part is injured especially in this fashion, mother nature over time usually does not let you forget to some degree that the injury has occurred.