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Achilles and Calf Injuries: Are very common, the achilles injury occurs a couple of inches above its attachment into the heel bone or at the heel bone itself. The fibers can partially tear or completely tear. Depending on how partially torn the tendon is determines if conservative or surgical treatment is required. In a completely torn achilles tendon, surgery is usually required to repair the injury. The initial recovery time for most achilles injuries are 4 weeks of immobilization after the injury or surgery. Then the rehabilitation begins. For the sprain-strain the rehabilitation can be 4-8 weeks. For the partially torn achilles tendon the rehabilitation can be 8-16 weeks. For the completely torn and or surgically repaired achilles tendon the rehabilitation can be 6 months to 1 year. With any type of major tendon injury(partial or complete tear) there is usually up to a 20% loss of strength. To get the strength back to near pre injury strength, one would have to work the tendon during rehabilitation 20% more than the uninvolved side to get the strength equal in both legs.

Surgery of the Achilles involves reattaching the two ruptured ends. There are various techniques to accomplish the repair. End to end, attaching the achilles into the heel bone and or utilizing the plantaris tendon as a graft to replace or reinforce the achilles tendon repair.