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Mission Statement

     Maimonides Prayer for the Physician: Exalted G-d. Before I begin the holy work of healing the creations of your hands, I place my entreaty before the throne of your glory that you grant strength of spirit and fortitude to faithfully execute my work. Let not desire for wealth or benefit blind me from seeing truth. Deem me worthy of seeing in the sufferer who seeks my advice-a person-neither rich nor poor. Fiend or foe, good man or bad, of a man in distress, show me only the man. If doctors wiser than me seek to help me understand, grant me the desire to learn form them, for the knowledge of healing is boundless. But when fools deride me, give me fortitude! Let my love for my profession strengthen my resolve to withstand the derision even of men of high station. Illuminate the way for me, for any lapse in my knowledge can bring illness and death upon your creations. I beseech you, merciful and gracious G-d, strengthen me in body and soul, and instill within me a perfect spirit.

     Segall Foot & Ankle offers the most advanced measurements available for the most common and complex problems of the foot and ankle. Whether caused by sports injuries work related accidents or congenital and acquired degenerative disorders, we utilized the latest equipment to diagnose the problem and use the most advanced treatments to return you to your normal activities. We treat every patient as a most valuable player and family member.

     Many problems are caused by the way you walk or the way the foot, ankle, leg and back function. These biomechanical problems may be corrected by physical therapy, medications and devices to help you walk more correctly. With a full systematic approach we evaluate possible causes of your problem. Problems can be from a recent injury such as a sprain, strain or fracture that requires immediate treatment with appropriate follow up care or from chronic and long lasting problems, which are often more complex than they appear, and may be associated with various other problems.

     Diagnosis of circulatory, neurological, rheumatologic, muscular and biomechanical problems are aided by x-rays, bone scans, CT scans, MRI, muscle testing, nerve testing, vascular testing and biomechanical performance testing. We are able to determine a diagnosis and derive the best treatment catered to your individual problem, utilizing conservative treatment such as physical therapy, exercise and dedication. Our team approach will help you get back into the game of life. However, when conservative treatment is exhausted and fails to provide relief, surgery may need to be considered.

     The length of treatment depends on your individual problem and your overall health. The goal in treatment for all injuries is to restore function as soon as possible. Your doctor, nursing staff and physical therapist will assist and coach you toward a safe return to normal activity. Prompt diagnosis, treatment and your determination play an important role in your total recovery. Your Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon is involved in all aspects of your care and will strive to help you understand the process of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. After a complete examinations performed, a plan of treatment will be recommended and discussed with you. (Please feel free to discuss anything you do not understand with your Doctor or Staff). If hospitalization is necessary, we provide a hospital-surgical coordinator who will schedule all appointments including pre-surgical, hospital and post surgical requirements.

     Segall Foot & Ankle was designed to treat the world class athlete and the weekend warrior. Directed by a fellowship trained foot and ankle specialists, the center provides a unique clinical approach to the treatment of all sports related foot, ankle and lower leg injuries. The physician and staff have major league experience in diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitation all types of sports injuries. These experts have treated athletes from a variety of different sports of all types of injuries. Our goal is to get every athlete back into the game. Like a pro athlete most employees must also get back in the game as soon as possible. A valued employee injured on the job has the same impact to an employer as an injured athlete has on their team. Segall Foot & Ankle treats every injured worker as they would a world class pro. Getting you healthy quickly, means everyone benefits. Our goal and philosophy is treat every employee like a pro player, getting back in the game and getting back to work is our top priority.

If you are dealing with a new or chronic problem, be assured you will receive the best available care at

Segall Foot & Ankle, Inc.

What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing a Surgeon

- Knowing the right questions to ask

- When is the right time to have surgery

- Exploring non-invasive alternatives